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...................AND DESPAIR

A short tale about Brutality;

The history of the dutch deathsters called Icons of Brutality began in the summer of 2009. Just like great dutch acts as Entrapment, Massive Assault, Hail of Bullets and God Dethroned , the bandmembers embraced their roots and the band started to play deathmetal in its purest form: OSDM without trendy bullshit or any non-metal influences!
In the first year of its existence the members paid honour to their own icons by including some coversongs in their set. It was hardly a surprise that the audience liked Icons of Brutality playing deathmetal-classics from Grave, Dismember, Obituary and Vader....

In the meantime the Icons offcourse did also work on their own material and composed many songs, which without any doubt recall the great atmosphere of the early '90 deathmetal-scene. The band really worked their asses off to fully prepare themselves to take the next step. After half a year of shedding pure blood and sweat in the rehearsalroom, they finally entered the famous DirtyBird-studio in the winter and spring of 2011. Producer Fredde Kaddeth (who also plays the guitar in Massive Assault and Sledgehammer Nosejob) guided Icons of Brutality very well during their recording-process. Fredde was a more than capable partner and with his help the band reached a extremely high level of intensity, which resulted in a well-balanced sounding cd, filled with 9 uncompromising death-metal songs. With a finishing touch of graphic artist Marcel Heutink who took care of hand-painted artwork on the cover and booklet, the bands first cd "Between Glory and Despair" was a fact.

After the recordings had been finished, Icons of Brutality did find a partner in their search to achieve world domination. The famous german underground quality-label Cyclone Empire was willing to co÷perate and they released "Between Glory and Despair" in the spring of 2012. With the backing of Cyclone Empire, the band was finally able to show the world what Icons of Brutality is all about. Many seemed to appreciate the no-nonsense approach of the band and the debutalbum gained many excellent reviews in printed and online metalmagazines throughout the whole planet.

These positive reactions obviously didn't stay unnoticed. In order to promote "Between...." Icons of Brutality played on several live-occasions, oftenly really displaying their raw power, energy and aggression to the public. In the past period the band shared the stage with bands like Cote d'Aver, Burning Hatred, Exhumed, Entrapment, The Agonist and many more.....
All these years of deathmetal-insanity made Icons of Brutality to develope in what is nowadays... a ferocious warmachine, ready to crush the world.

Death metal will never die!!