November 6-
Rock & Metalfest- Hellendoorn (NL)

October 23-
Harnbarg Metalfest II- Hardenberg (NL)

April 17-
Harnbarg Metalfest II- Hardenberg (NL)*

December 5-
Muziekcafe Helmond- Helmond (NL)*
with: The Lucifer Principle

May 15-
The Cave- Amsterdam (NL)*

April 18-
Harnbarg Metalfest II- Hardenberg (NL)*

March 27
EM2- Groningen (NL)*
with: Massive Assault & Putrefied Corpse

March 18
Cafe Rocks- Enschede (NL)*
with: Rotten Remains

* Cancelled due to Covid-19 virus

February 14
Musicon- Den Haag(NL)
with: Mass Decline & Arkhangelsk

November 16
Deventer Metalfest- Deventer (NL)
with: Ceremony & Angel Disorder

November 2
Beukfeest- Vierlingsbeek (NL)
with: Procreation and Mass Decline

October 5
Doc's Metal Cruise 2- s'Hertogenbosch (NL)
with: Procreation, Disabuse, Exoto and more

September 7
Bertofest- BORGER (NL)(private party)
with: Fumes of Decay, Sunburn and more

August 31
Occultfest- HOOGEVEEN (NL)
with: Radiathor, Mandator and more

April 26
Down with the King Fest- HOOGEVEEN (NL)
with: Nice Boys & Bon Scotch

January 19
Wolfsonic- GRONINGEN (NL)
with: Radiathor, Overruled & Morvigor

November 24
Het Podium- HOOGEVEEN (NL)
with: Misanthropia + Nox Aeterna

December 16
with: Stagewar & Insurrection

December 15
De Dependance- ASSEN (NL)
with: Stagewar & Insurrection

December 2
Het Podium- HOOGEVEEN (NL)
with: Lifeless & Endseeker

September 23
De Dependance- ASSEN (NL)
with: Trickwell & Sunburn

May 27
Cafe New Image- ASSEN (NL)
with: Facing The Madness & Dizer

January 28
Metal Battle (special quest)- HOOGEVEEN (NL)

December 3
Metal Front- COEVORDEN (NL)
with: Facing The Madness & Dizer

November 12
Flashbacklive- VRIEZENVEEN (NL)
with: Mass Decline & Entangled In Despair + more

October 1
Graveland Fest- HOOGEVEEN (NL)
with: God Dethroned & Grave + more

September 24
De Dependance- ASSEN (NL)
with: Facing The Madness + Insurrection

March 26
Dependance- ASSEN (NL)
with: Procreation & Insurrection

January 30
Innocent- HENGELO (NL)
with: Insurrection & Dictated

October 31
Dependance- ASSEN (NL)
with: Miscall & Bloodsin

September 26
Anti Cover Fest- GEESTEREN (NL)
with: Procreation, Bloodsin, Am Tuat, Mass Decline and more

September 19
De Tamboer- HOOGEVEEN (NL)
Hoogeveen Live
with: Facing The Madness and more

September 12
Masters Of The Unicorn- DILSCHHAUSEN (DE)
with: Manic Adrift, Massive Assault and more

July 4
with: Procreation & Ill-Trusted

May 30
Het Podium- Hoogeveen (NL)
with: Jötnar & Deem Index

April 25
JV Blanko - Emmen (NL)
with: Bleeding Gods

March 7
Cafe Clouso- MEPPEL (NL)
with: Procreation & Facing The Madness

February 21
OJC Cerberus- HENGELO (NL)
with: Procreation & Mass Decline

December 12
Cafe Mukkes- LEEUWARDEN (NL)
with: Procreation & Facing The Madness

December 6
Blanko- EMMEN (NL)
with: Procreation & Facing The Madness

November 28
De Dependance - ASSEN (NL)
with: Insurrection & Manic Adrift

October 10
Simplon - GRONINGEN (NL)
with: Caedere & Blood Red Throne

October 3
5 Years Icons
Cafe De Lijst - HOOGEVEEN (NL)
with: Massive Assault & Manic Adrift

September 5
Occultfest - Hoogeveen (NL)

August 29
Hedon - Zwolle (NL)
with: Dead Mans Walk & Faces Of Cain

JV Blanko - EMMEN (NL)

April 26th - The Dependance
with: Insurrection and Procreation.

February 1st - FORTRESS FEST
Zaal v/d Burgt- BEEK EN DONK (NL)
with: Slowbituary, Nailgun Massacre & KLONT

December 28th - METAL NIGHT
JV Blanko - EMMEN (NL)
with: Facing the Madness & Procreation

November 20th - METALNIGHT
Cafe Mukkes - LEEUWARDEN (NL)
with: Compulsive Slaughter & Insurrection

with: Burning Hatred, Ecocide, Anarchos & Ontspoard

September 22nd - GEURFEST
Cafe 545 - EDE (NL)
with: Burning Hatred, Graven Image, Adaptor, Anarchos and more


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